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2023中国国际海事会展 N2D1D 禅臣洋行 欢迎您的莅临
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We would like to express our warm and hearty invitation to our Booth anytime during the time of Marintec China 2023.

You will be most welcome at our Booth No. N2D1D for any discussion and clarification for the ongoing business and for

the future business development as well.

Besides our previous and professional products like bearings, piston rings, cylinder liners, this time we are also introducing some

advanced and unique items and technology at our booth. The related products include but are not limted to the follows

1. Bearings 2-stroke or 4-stroke Engine OEM & spare parts

2. Piston Rings 2-stroke or 4-stroke Engine OEM & spare parts

3.“Cylinder liners” –2-stroke or 4-stroke Engine

4. FORCE System Electricity Quality Improvement Device

5. MGO Cooling System with a Chiller

6. Onboard Sulfur-in-Oil Analyzer, SLFA Series

7.  Fuel Oil Additives for improving the combustion and for saving fuel oil loss

Should you have any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us as below:


Mr. Qin       189-3057-2400

Mrs. Chen   136-6153-8644




秦经理:189 3057 2400

经理:  136 6153 8644

展位号 : N2D1D